SNAP Hydroponic Tomatoes

I've started growing hydroponic tomatoes. There are no fruits yet. However, I'm impressed with their growth rate. The seeds I've used were from the store bought tomatoes. I air dried them and then germinated in recycled ice cream container. Most of the seeds germinated within three days.

Hydroponics - Start of Hydroponics

A Brief History on Hydroponics

Earlier forms of hydroponics are believed to have been practiced centuries ago in Amazon, China, Egypt and India, even as early as 600 BC in Babylon. You might be familiar with Babylon because of its hanging gardens, which is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

In ancient America, the Aztec Indians grew plants on floating rafts on shallow waters where planting in soil is not possible.

Separate Hydroponics Nutrient Solutions

SNAP Hydroponics
A & B Solutions
with Measuring cup
If you've bought the SNAP hydroponics nutrient solution, you may be wondering why the concentrated hydroponics nutrient solutions come in separate bottles (containers) instead of one.