How to Setup SNAP Hydroponics

Setting up a SNAP* hydroponics system is easy. The cost of putting up your own hydroponics using the SNAP method is lesser compared to the commercial ones as most of the materials that you’re going to use are recycled.

To setup a SNAP hydroponics system, you only need to follow three steps:
  1. Grow the seedlings,
  2. Prepare the seedling plugs, and
  3. Transfer seedling plugs into the growing boxes.

1. Grow the Seedlings
Germinated pechay seeds

  1. Sow your seeds in shallow trays with growing medium (coco coir, vermiculite, or other preferred medium). Do not use soil as a growing medium. Water liberally, as needed. Keep your medium moist but not soaking wet.

  2. Most leafy vegetables germinate within three to five days (some may take longer).

  3. Pechay Seedlings
  4. Place in an area where it can receive morning sun or near a window.

  5. Grow the seedling for 10 days before transferring to individual growing cups

2. Prepare the Seedling Plugs
Seedlings in seedling plugs

  1. Transplant individual seedlings into prepared seedling plugs. See information on how to prepare the seedling plugs.

  2. Place prepared seedling plugs into a shallow container.

  3. Pour some prepared water-SNAP nutrient solution, about 1/2 inch deep.

  4. Place your container with seedling plugs in an area where they can receive morning sunlight as early as possible.

3. Actual Setting Up of SNAP Hydroponics System
Grow box with seedling plugs

  1. Place growing box on a level surface in an area where plants can receive early morning sunlight. Your setup should be protected from extreme sunlight and from rain. You can set it up under a roof awning, a greenhouse, or transparent roofing.

  2. Fill your growing box with prepared nutrient solution (water with SNAP solution), enough to submerge the seedling plugs to about ½ inch deep.

  3. Replace the lid with punched holes.

  4. Put seedling plugs into individual holes.

  5. Visit your SNAP setup early morning to check for any insect infestation.

See, setting up your own SNAP hydroponics is a breeze. Start growing your own vegetables using the SNAP hydroponics method and you'll be harvesting your own vegetables, fresh and without pesticides.

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Image: © David Mangusan Jr.
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