Making the SNAP Hydroponics Growing Box

Growing box with holes for
seedling plugs
The SNAP hydroponics growing box can be made from recycled styrofoam fruit containers. The rest of the materials needed to make your hydroponics growing box can be found at your home or can be easily bought from school supplies store.

How to Make Your SNAP Hydroponics Growing Box

  1. Gather all the materials needed.
    Materials needed to make your
    own hydroponic growing boxes
    You can find a list of materials needed to make your very own growing box on our "SNAP Hydroponics Growing Box Materials" page.

  2. Create holes on the lid of the styrofoam box using a tin can as an improvised hole puncher. The number of holes you make depends on the type of plant that you're going to grow:
    Create a hole on the lid
    using tin can
    • For lettuce and other leafy vegetables, such as mustard, pechay, and bak choi, create five holes for smaller boxes or eight holes for larger ones.
    • For sweet bell peppers and tomatoes, just create two to three holes per box.

  3. Line the lower portion of the styrofoam box with plastic, about (0.003 mm thick), securing on the side with packing tape.
    Grow box lined with
    polyethylene sheet
    This will become your water and nutrient reservoir so be careful not to puncture the plastic lining.

  4. Try to put the lid on to see if it still fits perfectly.

  5. Do a test run by putting water, filling it to about 1 inch below the brim, to make sure that your container is fully sealed.

SNAP Hydroponics Growing Box
With Seedling Plugs
SNAP Hydroponics
Growing box

Image: © David Mangusan Jr.

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