Preparing Seedling Plugs for SNAP Hydroponics Setup

Now that we're done with growing our own seedlings, we can now proceed to making the seedling plugs where our seedlings can continue to grow until they're ready for transfer into the growing boxes.

Materials Needed for Making the Seedling Plugs for Your SNAP Hydroponics Setup

  • 8 or 10 oz styrofoam cups (recycled or new)
  • Wallboard saw or any hand saw / serrated knife
  • Sterilized coco coir dust / charcoaled rice hull / preferred growing medium
  • Seedlings in sowing tray
  • Chopstick or barbecue stick
  • Water and SNAP Nutrient Solution
  • Bottom of Styrofoam Cup for
    Seedling Plug
  • Styrofoam fruit container lined with plastic / flat plastic container

Procedure for Making the Seedling Plugs

  1. Make six to eight open slits at the lower side and bottom of the styrofoam cup using a hand saw (about 1 to 1-1/2 inches long on the side and 1/2 inch at the bottom).

  2. Fill the clean prepared cup with coco coir dust, about 1-1/2 inches thick. Do not fill the cup to the rim as this may not encourage the roots to grow past the openings at the bottom.
  3. Tomato seedling
    in seedling plug

  4. Carefully transplant the seedlings to individual growing cups using a stick. See Procedure on how to transplant the seedlings.

  5. Pour prepared water and SNAP nutrient solution (about 1/2 of the original strength) in a plastic-lined styrofoam fruit box to about 1/2 inch deep.

  6. Transfer the seedlings plugs into the fruit box, making sure that all of the styrofoam cups' bottom are immersed (about half an inch deep).
  7. Tomato seedlings in
    seedling plugs

  8. Place the styrofoam boxes with seedling plugs on a level surface. Make sure that you put them in an area where they can receive sunlight as early as possible.

Image: © David Mangusan Jr.

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