SNAP Hydroponics Growing Box Materials

Materials Needed for Making
Your Own Growing Boxes
The growing boxes that we're going to use for our SNAP Hydroponics setup are recycled styrofoam fruit boxes. You can get them from your local fruit vendors for a few pesos. In some cases, they may be glad to give it to you for free. Just make sure that the box has its own lid.

Materials for Making Your Own Growing Boxes

  • Plastic containers
    Styrofoam Fruit Box

    You can use recycled styrofoam fruit containers, which you can get from a fruit vendor. If you are not able find these fruit containers, you can use any plastic containers that can hold as much as 10 to 12 liters of water.

  • Circular cutting tool using a
    tin can
  • Circular cutting tool / Tin can

    Use a 370 ml evaporated milk can or the like. You can make the tin can as your circular cutting tool for easier cutting of holes in the container lid. (See image of tin can)

  • Polyethylene plastic sheet

    Use 20" x 30" polyethylene plastic sheets with 0.003 mm. thickness to be used for lining the bottom half of the fruit container. If you are using plastic trough or container, you don't have to line it with plastic.

  • Packing tape

    The packing tape is used to secure the plastic linings in place. Use packing tape that is two inches wide.

Plastic troughs or containers may be used instead of the polystyrene / styrofoam boxes. They are much easier to clean every after harvest. Avoid using clear containers where light can get through to your nutrient solution.

Image: © David Mangusan Jr.

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