SNAP Hydroponics Materials for Growing Your Own Seedlings

The materials you need to set-up your own SNAP Hydroponics system are readily available in your home, usually, recycled materials. For some of the things needed, such as the polystyrene/styrofoam fruit boxes, you may need to ask or buy from a fruit vendor. And the rest, you can buy from your local school supply store.

Materials Needed for Establishing Your Own Seedlings

  • Sowing trays

    Seedlings grown in
    Coco coir medium
    You can buy sowing trays at your local garden supply store. But, any shallow containers will do, such as ice cream containers or recycled styrofoam containers. You need to create several drainage holes on your recycled containers.

    Make sure that your sowing trays are clean before putting your growing media.

    Tomato seedlings
    The image on the right is a picture of tomato seedlings grown in a recycled ice cream container.

  • Growing medium

    You can use coconut coir dust or charcoaled rice hull or a combination of these. Aged saw dust may also be used.

    Coco Coir
    There are also many growing media sold commercially such as clay pellets, perlite, vermiculite, and rockwool. However, many of them are expensive.

  • Seeds

    You can buy your seeds from your local agricultural supply store. Sometimes, you can also buy heirloom seeds from farmers who save there own seeds for their next cropping, in some cases they may give it to you for free if you only need a few seeds for your home garden.
  • SNAP A & B
    Nutrient Solution

  • Watering solution

    Use clean water. Add the SNAP Hydroponics* nutrient solution according to instructions (it's in the label). But if you are wondering about the formula for the watering solution, well, here it is:
    • 10 to 12 liters of water
    • 25 ml. of SNAP A nutrient solution
    • 25 ml. of SNAP B nutrient solution

    NOTE: Do not add the nutrient solutions in water at the same time. You should add one solution at a time, preferably starting with SNAP A nutrient solution (25 ml.). Stir well. Then add 25 ml. of SNAP B nutrient solution and stir again.

    You can prepare your water and nutrient solution in a bigger container ahead of time. Make sure that your container is not clear where light can pass through as this encourages algae proliferation.

Now that you have all the materials you can start Growing Your Seedlings for Your SNAP Hydroponics.

Images: © David Mangusan Jr.
*SNAP Hydroponics is a trademark owned by BAR and UPLB (Co-ownership)

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