SNAP Hydroponic Tomatoes

I've started growing hydroponic tomatoes. There are no fruits yet. However, I'm impressed with their growth rate. The seeds I've used were from the store bought tomatoes. I air dried them and then germinated in recycled ice cream container. Most of the seeds germinated within three days.

I've probably planted more than the grow box can support (8 seedlings). The hydroponic nutrient solution recedes so fast that I have to refill it after two weeks. Originally, the cover of the grow box was up side down. The seedling plugs' bottoms were about an inch from the bottom of the nutrient container. So, I had to remove the growing tomatoes and put the lid back with the top side up.

Well, you might understand what I mean with the pictures below.

First Day of Transplant in Grow Box

The seedling plugs were placed on the hydroponic grow box on February 9. See the cover/lid is still in its original orientation. The bottom of the styrofoam cups were not touching the nutrient solution so I had to invert the lid.

Newly transplanted tomato seedlings
in growing box
11 Days After

Tomatoes are growing rapidly.

Hydroponic tomatoes - 11 days old from transplant

Hydroponic tomatoes - 11 days old from transplant
(Another View)
Almost a Month After Transplanting

After almost a month, the tomato plants have doubled in height. Their leaves are healthy. They may be too crowded in the box. But, well see if just refilling with nutrient solution will do the job.

28 days old tomatoes on SNAP hydroponics

Hydroponic Tomatoes growing rapidly

I can't wait to see them start flowering and bear fruits!

I'll update you when they do bear fruits. Till next time!

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